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Preparation Station for Doctoral Students

Becoming a doctoral student can be one of the rewarding yet strenuous decisions to make. Students enroll in programs with questions or concerns about how to get the work done. Choosing the program, managing a career, and maintaining a family/social life can be a juggling act. Because it is an environment that is unique and requires a lot of commitment. They say you will be married to your dissertation study. So, let’s start with some resources on how to prepare for being a doctoral student. The plan is often complete the coursework, select a dissertation committee, and complete the research study. Well from for one doctor to doctoral student here are a few things to consider helping you with your plan.

· Have some idea with your research study will be as soon as you can

· Consider using your research topic in course assignments

· Review the feedback from your professors

· Maintain all your resources in a folder (publications & references)

· Create or organize your folder by topic

· Know what your comps exam consists of

· Study the feedback from your professors (this could help you decide who your committee members are going to be)

· Research questions to ask during interviews with faculty members

· Interview potential committee members

· Think about the feedback from prior assignments

· Determine how feedback help you develop

· List what you want your committee members to do (ex. improve writing skills, build content, provide helpful resources)

· Read dissertations recently completed including potential committee members (please remember to save those)

· Participate has a participant in other research studies!

· Consider additional support (cohort student, counselor/therapist, family member)

· Create a budget for your study (editing, participation incentives, transcriptions, school fees, committee member gifts, self-care activities)

· Save money for a vacation!

Contributing Author: Jamille J. Edwards

@GCW 2023

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